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                                 functional behavioral assessment

Courtesy of
Jeffrey A. Miller, Ph.D., ABPP
Diplomate in School Psychology
Duquesne University
School Psychology Program

  • Introduction
  • Forms
  • Presentation Materials

    Site update: 2 Dec 2004

    If you want to jump right into multimodal functional behavioral assessment download the three-page forms we have developed. You will find these forms in many different computer formats. If there is a problem getting the forms send an e-mail to Dr. Jeff Miller.

    Read an introduction to functional behavioral assessment online, explore a training presentation outline about FBAs and BIPs, or download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation.

    Link to the online journal, Current Issues in Education, to read our article describing in detail this approach to functional behavioral assessment.

    To assist in learning about this method of FBA and BIP you may want to download the Adobe Acrobat version of Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan Examples. There are three examples including Specific Learning Disability, Mild Mental Retardation, and Emotional Disability.